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Modern Soft Luxury Chinchilla Feel Faux Fur Area Rug Animal Cruelty Free

$199.00 USD
Charcoal Gray

Get ready to charm your friends and family with our Splendor of Chinchilla Collection that looks and feels as luxurious as real fur, minus the cruelty. It’s the modern way to get the luxury we deserve. Created with the highest quality  yarn, our faux Chinchilla Collection  are guaranteed to be durable and shed-free. The softness of the yarn and carefully formulated shades makes these rugs timeless. You will relish in how the luxurious softness of our Chinchilla Collection’s fur faux rugs feel on your feet and bare skin. The indulgent feeling will not only create a new sensation for your home decor, but it will never grow old. Our Chinchilla collection includes area rugs which can also be used as bed cover decor , pillows and throws in natural shades, adding exquisite style to your bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, or family rooms. Offering a classic creamy color palette of white, black, charcoal gray ,navy, wine, mocha and rose, our Chinchilla rugs and accessories add a delectable elegance to any room.


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Designer Item
  • Soft and Luxurious 
  • It Can Be Used As Bed Cover 
  • Heavy and Durable
  • Shed Free
  • Modern and Contemporary 
  • 1" Pile Height

*The material is proud to be synthetically crafted to deliver the highest experience and comfort for every single consumer.