Indoor/Outdoor Loop Pile Water Repellent Vivid Out4 Area Rug by Rug Factory Plus

Indoor/Outdoor Loop Pile Water Repellent Aztec Design Patio Area Rug

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The Indoor/OutdoorGray Vivid Rug is vibrant with a mirror like effect. The rug consists of colors like yellow, gray and a variation of browns. The mirror like effect gives this rug a very unique look. With each shape being filled with those colors.This rug can give any place a vibrant and stylish new look. 100% polypropylene, water resistant and UV protected. Lively and powerful colors beautiful craftsmanship, shed free.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Living
  • Loop Pile and No Shedding
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • UV Protected
  • Water Repellent (wont damage under rain)
  • Backing: Special Natural Latex for Water to Go Through Without Damaging the Rug
  • Hand Tufted