Fall in love with our most luscious, luxurious hand crafted faux chinchilla feel. These environmentally conscious products are a meaningful addition for any space it occupies. The beautiful colors create a dynamic decoration for any room or furniture as they draw you into the simplicity of bold aesthetics. These everyday accessories are available in throw, king and queen size blanket, and decorative pillow, and are machine washable with cold water and an air dry. The durability of this faux collection is showcased by the heaviness and weight of each item and provides an unconditional warmth and security to anyone using it. The undeniable texture of this fur gives you the gift of petting a real chinchilla, without the burden of harming any animals. The material is proud to be synthetically crafted to deliver the highest experience and comfort for every single consumer.


  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Designer Item
  • Chinchilla Feel and Touch
  • Heavy and Durable
  • Braided Look
  • Soft and Luxurious 
  • Elegant Color Palette
  • Machine Washable with an Air Dry